How Many Gospels Are There?

There has been a lot said about salvation over the last two thousand years.  People of different countries, different people groups, ethnicities, theologies, and philosophies all seem to have come up with their own ideas about salvation.  We, as humans, have probably thought of just about every way imaginable to make it from this life securely into the next.  We have conjured so many varied ways to cross over to the next world that we are now bringing back to life ancient eastern religions and mixing in a few thoughts of our own time just to make them more palatable and more fun.   Many people don’t seem to think salvation is even necessary.  They are happy to just run along skipping and jumping their way through life believing that every man’s good is his own creation.  And what about when their time on earth is finished, well, it is incomprehensible to them that they will do anything but decompose back into the soil whence they evolved hundred…