A Prayer of Comparisons God is awesome, I think most of us agree with that.  We are not awesome, getting past the facade of humility, few of us actually agree with that.   While we all have prayed to God and have praised Him and asked for guidance, health, wisdom, and the list goes on, how many of us have ever prayed a prayer of comparisons.  To me, this is not a prayer to compete with God, it is easy to figure who would win that one. But a prayer of reminder, to us, of how perfect He is, and how anything but perfect we are.   It is not a prayer to guilt us into anything, but instead, a prayer of acknowledgment of His majesty and perfect love.   ∞   Father in Heaven, give me the wisdom and the faith to believe from the depths of my heart, everything I say in this prayer. And, by your grace Lord, give me the courage to proclaim publicly You and Your truth from the lowest valleys to the highest mountaintop, with no shame and with no fear. Dear God, the relationship